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Oct 26, 2009


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Its about time the world got some real talent again!It was real pure stuff .The music business in America lost its way when it got jealous of the British Invasion and let disco duck replace Motown R and B and soul of the 70s.Yes The Faces are a rock and roll band of that very pure creative era that is still popular today!The Britney Spears of the world ,Kid Rocks and all the want a be super stars could take note from the ageless mega stars.Bring on the enima now to the States.Rod you need to tour wiyh your fabulous mates.I think it will be equal to a Rolling Stones tour money wise.Tell me where I can buy my fuc3245in tickets now in advance.Leave Punkin hair home(How do you say it on geico commercial sorry mate your good and your time is acoming soon)But my hundred dollar bill will pay for Rod Stewart,Ron Wood,Ian Mclagan and Kenny Jones1

doc mod

If you call yourself a Raver or a Mod These are the guys that wrote the book on cool.They are just as powerful now than ever before a true living Legacy.I cant wait for their tour!You'll see Rod Stewart with his original dirty rock and rollers not some Hollywood sessions out fit backing him.Rod you can make your money the FacEs can Kick ass and its gonna be a party oh yeah every body wins .America is in a slump and needs this tour!Like the Geico Lizard says I'll give ya a quick boot up the arse Rod if you can"t see the history factor here.If ya need a manager with some guts I'm cheap and motivational.Dont Fu@1$%K this Up!Your Mates are counting on you.let the world know the Faces were one of the greatest rock Bands.the old Texas saying come to the dance who brung you with.DOC Mod

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