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Mar 14, 2011


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J. Kaye LeFevre Evans

Playing my song. Not another one like Ronnie Hammond. Loved ARS. Rock it out in heaven Ronnie like I know you are. God's blessings to his loved ones.

Sherry Morgan

Ronnie, you were my friend and the many talks we had are burned into my memory, but none so much as the one we had about your sweet Tracy. When it came to love Ronnie has had his problems, but he told me the moment he met Tracy, he knew deep in his heart that he had finally found his "Soul Mate". He told me that he had never experienced such a beautiul love as what he & Tracy shared. He told me that a lifetime wasn't long enough to show Tracy just what she meant to him. All the love songs he had written & sang (with that beautiful voice of his) through the years had a more powerful meaning. They were no longer just words, he now felt them. He said he never thought that such a beautiful woman could love him so much and Tracy spent her life making sure that Ronnie knew that her love for him was true and everlastig. And I know that theirs is a love that will live on forever. Tracy, the best part of Ronnie will stay with you, his soul. His soul will live on in you to keep you warm, to comfort you and mostly to forever love you. God Bless you Ronnie. You left your mark on the world and in our hearts. I will never have a friend as special as you have always been to me. Tracy, I love you sweetie and its my prayer that God gives you the strength and courage to carry on, in the name of a great man & a great love. I'm always here for you. Ronnie, you are singing lead heaven cause you have always had the voice of an angel and we can hear you with our hearts. Your voice will never be silenced and your legacy will live on forever. I love you my friend and will miss you eternally. Your Forever Friend, Sherry Morgan

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