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Aug 08, 2008


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Alison Woo

I was there and it was the second time I'd seen them in concert, the first was during their stop in Charlotte in Nov. 2007. It seemed like it took the crowd quite a bit of time to warm up. The crowd was pleasant but not effusive. The tone of the concert was much more laid-back and relaxed, appearing more like this was a small bar than MSG. But when Sting called for "Raising the ****ing roof off" the crowd was tepid. What's wrong with you New Yorkers??? Stand up and cheer!

Loved the kids on stage. I believe Andy's two sons were there too. Sting said, "Between the three of us we have something like 21 kids. I don't know how that happened because we were on the road for four years."

The interpretation of his songs were great too. I'm always amazed at how they find freshness in some songs that are almost 30 years old. Classic!

It was definitely a memorable moment. The B-52s were awesome as the opening band too!

Karin Rosner

as for Walking In Your Footsteps, they used part of the melody as an intro to the next song.


I was there in the front row, and the performance was flawless. (Not sure what prior poster meant by a subdued NY audience. The place was rocking, and the upper concrete tiers of MSG were literally undulating with the force of thousands of people on their feet!)

You could tell the fellas really had fun with the set, and it was great to see them end their tour (permanently?) in perfect form. Don't Stand So Close to Me was a highlight, as were his daughters on stage. It was a genuine moment, you can tell he's a proud father.

Excellent rendition of Purple Haze,


Granted, many in the crowd appeared to be older, wealthy PBS donors, but the large group of 60 yr old ladies near me were screaming and dancing the whole night!

I think the crowd was slightly confused by the opening song by Cream...I'm sure we all expected a monster Police hit, but that happened next...
for me it was a unique event, never to be repeated, and ranks in my top favorite shows ever. B-52's had the crowd rocking too, I can't believe I saw all that and Sting getting shaved for $55....

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