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Feb 12, 2009


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Oh dear, Rick was correct to bow out of future long tours. If only they had all listened to Rick and Jon at the outset and limited what they did. Jon was never going to be fit enough for something like this. Last seen several years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland the ambulance was waiting outside for Jon as he had collapsed back then. He knew but only conceded his repiratory problems in 2008 when it all fell apart so dramatically . Shame. None of this unhappiness should have happened. Yes, fewer of us would get to see them but so far there has been no sign that a UK tour to the home of their birth and successs was planned/confirmed.
Get Rick and Jon back. Make sure everyone is signed off by their doc and then do big venues and just a few of them like all big acts. If folk know there are only to be a few dates its amazing the lengths they will go .Then the venues would be full as for the 35th anniversary tours. Step back guys, thrombosis of the leg is not funny and respiratory failure is even worse. Both are life threatening.
Take a rain check and plan your futures more carefully. A stuttering sequence like this tour is not good for fans' confidence. How much better a solid great new album of new YES music than a faltering tour.


I was there in Houston with meet and greet back stage passes.We were told at the last minute (waiting in line to get in)that the show would be posponed.I flew to Houston from Daytona beach Florida for this show- I did meet lifelong friends and spent the weekend in Houston visiting, looking over old concert stubs from the 70's ($8.50)admission at that time. We were all dissipointed that the show did not happen;however,we understood that there was a problem. Since following this group from 1975 to now they have been a mainstay in my life.Get well Chris and Jon we will always love you and respect what you have done for music.

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