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Nov 22, 2010


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Todd Estes

I have a group that would be a perfect fit for this festival.
It's a four piece band from TN.
blues, country, rock, island, jazz is the best way to describe the sound.
they really lend themsleves to this type of environment.

email me back and i can send you a song or two for you consideration.



Our band name is International Generation. We are interested in entertaining at your event our presskit can be sent to you physically, or be viewed online at
Hope to hear from you soon.

Graddai (Grad-day)

I have the Best group in the world! I know everyone thinks their "group is the best." but this group really is! it's a six piece band that plays Every genre! They're called Graddai, straight from the DMV area of the beautiful U.S. And I promise, if we are able to perform this year No One will be disappointed! It's not just a performance. It's an experience!

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