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Jan 16, 2011


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Do you know what is the most pathetic?
Daft Punk has had to deny that they are TTT, cause THEY ARE SCARED about their own nephews (Yvan and Virgile Homem Christo) with only 23 years made better music that their own uncles, the last album from Daft Punk left much to be desired.
Listen Give Us Your Energy and you will know what I mean.

If they have nothing with Daft Punk better, I'm sick of both hull and marketing as Daft Punk, and then say they are not commercial, and make movies with Disney or out on DJ Hero ... for the love of God.
TTT rules!!!, and their philosophy of life (animals, planet earth and technology).
To me there is no doubt, TTT break Daft Punk in every way.

If you want to see the real faces of his nephews here are photos and a story that explains how despite the fact that belie the scene and managed to filter a part of the music of 1 month before the movie came out, Disney or deceive us or mislead us Daft Punk (yes, the good-natured DP that do not break a dish but while costing millions say they spend the money, yeah yeah yeah ...)

I leave the blog:


And dont let you cheat, they are private companies after all: Disney, Virgin and Daft Punk.

TTT 4ever and its true independence.

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