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Jan 30, 2012


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Roger Hodgson has been touring for the last nine years and one of those rare artists who spends his time communicating with his audience. You only have to listen to one song, one candidly spoken introduction, one humorous antidote to become a fan for life. His voice and music sound better than ever and he makes you feel like he is playing just for you.

If you attend just one of his performances you will want to see him again and again ......be warned......
Check out his website for upcoming events: http://www.rogerhodgson.com/documents/tour.html


Roger Hodgson wonderful tour in USA. Roger returns to the stage with all the force of his music and all the energy of your heart.
A treat for the senses, live to enjoy the myths and genius of universal history of music. With their magnificent repertoire, her unmistakable voice and musical value to engrave an unforgettable moment in your memory. If you want to increase your harmony, this is your show, creating a totally positive feeling.
I'm sure when you leave it, you be thinking about the next, Roger connects with its audiences in an extraordinary manner. Something you should not miss.
If you want more information about the songs you can listen, you can visit their official YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/MrRogerHodgson

For more information you can visit their official websites:


Tour page http://www.rogerhodgson.com/documents/tour.html

Ana Lopez

It's great to have Roger Hodgson on the road again!!!

What a wonderful experience is to attend a Roger's show. When you see him once, you can't stop, and need to see him once and another. It doesn't matter how far you have to travel, you are sure you'll enjoy.

A show by Roger is a big party, a big celebration of love,peace and happiness. All together clapping, singing, dancing, and sometimes, also weeping...It's a thrill, a blast, chills and goosebumps, all at the same time... So, nobody should miss a concert of Roger. It's really worth!!!

For more info about Tour dates, visit


Ana Lopez - Roger Hodgson Spanish Friends Club



Travel, go to see Roger and wonderfully he is offering more US shows for the 2012. For you know when Roger walks onto the stage he is there for his fans.....from the perspective of a fan, he makes eye contact and smiles at as many as possible, interacts with and makes you feel like he is performing in your living room not a concert venue. Now, let's talk about the music engages you, fills you up and makes you want to stand up and sing/dance along with.......

So again, travel, go see Roger. He is offering multiple U.S. shows along with many South American and European options.

Check out his website for tour dates:


Roger's concerts are amazing! So happy he's doing more dates in the US this year. His music has been a part of my life, lifting my spirits during the low points, celebrating with me during the great times, and keeping me company all the time. Roger is very personal in his concerts which helps you to see and feel the intensity of the spirit that created that great music! These are must see oncerts!

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